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Mainstreaming Issues

In its endeavour to significantly contribute to sustainable development at grassroots level, COTRR is deliberate in mainstreaming key cross cutting issues of gender, climate change and This is achieved through taking into account women’s and men’s, boys and girls’ needs, perspectives and knowledge as well as their experiences, skills and interests.

Apart from developing and applying gender sensitive criteria and indicators, the organization also engages in a deep analysis of the needs, priorities, roles of women and men as well as the integration of specific actions to address gender based biases.

Implementation of livelihood enhancement initiatives is heavily inclined toward climate change adaptation and mitigation interventions as well as environmental conservation strategies. The organization endeavours to partner with communities and other innovators to tap into resilience building innovations that support minimizing the effects of climate change, raise productivity and increase household incomes.

Participatory methodologies are utilized to embed gender mainstreaming and other cross cutting issues throughout all stages of the project cycle.