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COTRR is a women-founded, women- led grassroots National Non-Government Organisation (NGO) registered in Kenya in 2007. The organization works directly with communities and families, and is committed to bridging community development gaps through its integrated approach by supporting household activities for resilience building, resource and livelihood enhancement for families of the last mile.

In line with its mission, COTRR has endeavored to support communities to address the myriad of threats and risks to food and livelihood security by facilitating the implementation of an integrated livelihood support and resilience program. The program goal is to support targeted communities become less vulnerable to social, economic, environmental, cultural and health risks. The organization works towards harnessing unrealized economic potential, unutilized indigenous resources and knowledge. These interventions are undertaken in line with community needs and priorities.

Resilient  Communities with Sustainable Livelihoods.

To support community strengths and potentials to initiate innovative and sustainable programmes for long term livelihood security.

Our Core Values

  • Participation by all stakeholders
  • Empowerment of communities
  • Accountability and Professionalism
  • Equity and Justice
  • Sustainability of programs