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Our Programmes


Community Organization & Capacity Building.

Peer Educators

Education Sponsorship & Advocacy Initiatives.

food security Programmes Amaranth crop 1

Food Security & Economic Empowerment.


Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation.


  • Dairy goat upgrading project for small holder farmers in Central Kenya.
  • Indigenous chicken rearing for livelihood enhancement among resource limited households.
  • Livelihood enhancement with indigenous sheep in Suswa/Naarkurto communities, Narok, North.
  • Promotion of high value shrubs and fruit farming for income generation and climate adaptation amongst resource limited farmers in Central Kenya.
  • Rainwater harvesting among pastoralist women headed and orphaned households.
  • Integrated support for children with special needs and their families.
  • Community level advocacy on FGM, child marriages and child herders in Suswa and Naarkurto communities in Narok North.


  • Friends of Kenya, Switzerland.
  • Kids to School, Netherlands.
  • The Waterloo Foundation, UK.
  • Catholic Church of St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  • Charity for Africa, Austria.
  • Rotary Clubs in Switzerland.
  • Anne Frank Foundation, Switzerland.
  • The JDW Legacy Fund, Kenya.