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Ark Partners

ARK is an acronym for Acts of Random Kindness. It is a concept that originated from the co-founders of COTRR who would extend small acts of kindness to the needy around them. With time, these acts amounted to immense contribution to the welfare of those they touched. Realizing the potential in such gestures, the co-founders built on to the   kind   acts to start a legally registered non-profit organization, hence the genesis of COTRR.

ARK Partners is an initiative that  brings together individuals  from all  walks of life, all over the world and gives them a unique opportunity to touch lives among resource limited families and communities in Kenyan rural areas. Each willing contributor, wherever she/he is, gives a small donation to support a child, a family, a school or even a community.

Kenyan ARK partners work with COTRR to achieve the following.

  • Organize community   outreach medical camps.
  • Educate orphaned children in primary and   secondary   schools.
  • Donate desks, books and other learning materials to public schools in remote area.
  • Support schools for children with special needs.
  • Support malnourished children with nutritional supplementation.
  • Buying water tanks for needy orphaned households.

ARK Partners from other countries who wish to experience rural Kenya are assisted by COTRR to access their preferred areas within COTRR project sites.

Join this unique network and put a smile on deserving families through any of the following Acts of Random Kindness.

  • Monthly support for a destitute family @ 50 dollars.
  • Support for secondary school education for a needy child @ 650 dollars  per year
  • Support for a special /disabled child from a poor family @ 40 dollars per month.
  • Purchase a water tank for a poor family @300  dollars.
  • Support for implementation of a community project through individual, club, Foundation or organisation contributions @ 5,000 dollars and above

ARK Projects