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Community Managed Sustainable Livelihoods

The overall goal under this program theme is to diversify and promote climate smart agro-practices among resource limited smallholder farmer groups and agro pastoralists for strengthened livelihood resilience.

Key areas of interventions:

  • Support for undertaking alternative livelihoods while addressing threats to food and water insecurity.
  • Build capacities to boost incomes and cope with drought in order to reduce vulnerability to risks and other threats to livelihood security.
  • Assist small holder farmers to diversify their livelihoods through use of available community resources, indigenous knowledge and skills while tapping into relevant innovations.
  • Participatory on-farm demonstrations on climate smart livelihood enhancement interventions to help build community resilience to food insecurity and other risks to community survival, targeting small scale farmers.
  • Increase household resilience to drought through water harvesting and agro- forestry initiatives.
  • Promote growing of drought resistant and economically viable indigenous food crops, high value shrubs and fruit trees.