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Strengthening Community Structures.

COTRR engages communities through the volunteer and farmer promoter system to create awareness on risk reduction, identify their hazards and empower the volunteers to drive the community resilient building vehicle. The volunteers are taken through various TOT trainings that enable them put into perspective how their everyday actions either destroy or enhance their capacity.

Specific areas of focus  include:-

  • Community organisation, group dynamics and conflict resolution,
  • Project and financial management, basics in Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction(CMDRR) ,
  • Community Managed Natural Resource Management (CMNRM)
  • Community level education and advocacy campaigns.

This forms the backbone of other activity related trainings. The volunteers are further facilitated to form legal entities (CBOs or self- help groups) that give them access to the government-devolved funds and other resource mobilisation avenues. The use of community own resource persons has ensured commitment to the process and the continuity of activities after the project period.

Program activities are therefore designed to ensure building on indigenous knowledge and skills, particularly on how communities select livelihood enhancement activities.

The organization also strives to build local capacities of existing community groups   to adapt and adopt best practices generated by the national research bodies to improve livelihoods.