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Advocacy on Rights Issues

This program is three-pronged. On the one hand, COTRR implements scholarship and education support initiatives for ‘at risk children’ in all COTRR project areas. The program is already supporting over 30 children for secondary and primary school education, as well as 2 students at the university, some of whom were rescued from child marriages.  Mentorship sessions are organized to ensure that these children get an all-round development.

On the other, the organization, in partnership with community stakeholders, conducts community advocacy and education campaigns on FGM and Child Marriages in support of pastoralist children access to education. In working with affected communities COTRR  employs culturally sensitive strategies to facilitates community dialogues to  disseminate  information to encourage positive community norms while  abandoning  retrogressive cultural practices  that infringe on children’s rights.

Still, COTRR has partnered with SEP (Special Education Professional) and a network of community volunteers to advocate for the rights of children with disabilities. Through community awareness creation and education, the initiative strives to positively influence affected families and community attitudes towards children with special needs   in order to reduce stigma and discrimination.